LAUNCH X431 Diagun III 3 Scanner

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Car maintenance and repair are closely related. Repair, maintenance, repair, repair. In the vehicle maintenance process may be found precursor or in one part of the works will malfunction or damage, thus can be used to repair maintenance time. In the repair process, maintenance of some damaged parts should be, this is a very natural thing. So how do we take care of our cars in our daily lives, let's look at the information below.
Four, cooling system cleaning and maintenance
1. In general, the car in the summer and winter season should be cleaning and maintenance time, normal driving every 6 to 8 months cleaning and maintenance time, or when the water temperature is too high, Water Leakage, boil when cleaning and maintenance time. Remove the engine tends to overheat and traces of the scale, to prevent the occurrence of harmful corrosion, avoid and prevent leakage and seal the coolant tank, completely replaced the old.
2, power steering system cleaning and maintenance
Car every driving 40000km-45000km cleaning to be maintained once, or in case of a steering difficult system leakage, replacement power steering machine parts, it is also required to clean and maintain a. Scavenging system of harmful sludge, varnish, clear turn difficult at low temperatures, to stop and prevent the leakage of hydraulic power steering, steering clear noise, completely replaced the old brake steering fluid.
3, fuel system cleaning and maintenance (that is, cleaning nozzle, valve carbon)
Under normal circumstances, the car should be cleaned and maintained 1 times per driving 10000km-15000km, or when you find that the engine is panting, sluggish and accelerate poor, take black smoke, weakness, cleaning and maintenance of oil when the 1 times. The removal of the system inside the resin and carbon, prevent harmful corrosion, avoid and stop the seal and water tank leakage, completely replace the old coolant.
As long as we usually pay attention to the car's maintenance, attention to detail, our car will be able to better maintain the new appearance.
LAUNCH X431 Diagun III 3 Scanner Original
LAUNCH X431 Diagun III 3 Scanner Original is LAUNCH's newly develpped Universal Scanner which is based on its previous version X431 Diagun. It covers more vehicles than the old X431 Diagun and has some progress to let this machine to be more friendly.
LAUNCH X431 Diagun III 3 features and progress as below:
1.X431 Diagun III connects cars through DBScar adaptor by Bluetooth.
2.Powerful diagnostic function let Diagun III 3 works on most of Asia,US and Europe vehicles.
3.More friendly Interface let You now can go into diagnostic system directly after starting machine.
4.Compact design to make it slim on your hands!
5.Compact design makes DBScar connector avoide of dust & oil by window.
6.Diagun III 3 support standard USB printer.You can print diagnostic result.
7.Continually update makes you works on more and more cars.
8.Better battery system makes Diagun III 3 non-stop working for 10 hours!
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