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Launch X431 Diagun III is a new professional vehicle diagnostic tool designed and developed by LAUNCH for repair technicians. It's smart, easy to carry, fully functional and convenient to use, and it's the standard equipment for garage technicians.
Top 6 Reasons to Get X431 Diagun III:
1. Support full system car diagnosis and up to 70 car models
2. For 12V gasoline and diesel cars
3. Diagnose by DBSscar through Bluetooth
4. Easily update online free for one year,reasonable price
5. Allow  you to print our vehicle fault data with a mini printer
6. Supported Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
X431 Diagun III Product Features:
1, Powerful diagnostic functions
2, Wireless diagnosis
3, Fashionable and Integrated design
4, Better battery system design
5, Easy for comparison and analysis
6,Two DataStream waveforms displayed in one screen

X431 Diagun III Functions:
Long stand-By time: Can be used continuously 10 hours.
Unique Appearance: Rolling cover design, the DBScar connector is integrated.
Support print function: Support standard USB printer for printing diagnostic result.
Quick Update: Nearly 1,000 software update per year to ensure the functions.
Wireless diagnosis:  Main unit can communicate with DBScar connector by Bluetooth(<100m).
Powerful diagnostic: Inherited with all diagnosis function of X-431 with wild software coverage, Asian, European and U.S.
This LAUNCH X431 Diagun III 3 can be bought through for 699.00 USD, Save 13% off. We couldn’t find a better price anywhere else.
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Mercedes Benz MB Star Diagnose C4 ( SD Connect ) With Latest Xentry,EPC,WIS and so on. It is the latest one on market for all current and new coming MB vehicles 12V and 24V.It is most professional Mercedes Scanner supports WIFI (10M) connection and UDS protocol.

The newest software (9.2014) in harddisk. You can choose the harddisk for :
1. Dell D620/D630,E6420
2.Lenovo (IBM) E49,T420,X61,X61T.
3.Any other laptops with SATA hard drive socket.
Updating SD_Bootlmage and SD_CSD of our MB Star C4. It is important thing for it to work with latest MB Star Software.

Hardware configuration:
1, Intel Core Solo processor.
2, Ethernet interface for wired connection to the IT network.
3, Possible connection of HMS 990 USB Measuring Technology.
4, Power management controls power supply and consumption and adjusts to specified power-saving mode.
5, Transport case is included and provides protection for all components during transport and storage.
About Us - Professional Auto Diagnostic Tools Supplier. Our main products includes LAUNCH X431,Autel Scanner, OEM OBD Scan Tool, Car Key Programmer, ECU Tunning Tool and so on. If you have any problems, don't hesitate to contact us, send email to We acts as a reliable car scanner devices in China for 5 years. We are proving auto diagnostic tools at low price but in high quality.
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Mercedes Benz MB Star C3 Diagnosis With Latest Software
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