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In the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show, Nissan launched JUKE Stinger special edition model, the car uses black and yellow mix color, very personality.

This special edition model is Nissan mainly launched for promote Color Studio personalized project, Stinger Special Edition has two colors, which one is that we have seen, mainly use black, in some body details use yellow trim. the interior also use black and yellow color.
While the other model use yellow car body, in wheels, wheel arches and front bumper use black trim, opposite with this car's color.
It is reported that this customized service need only pay $ 990, you can have private and customized color in the 8 kinds among 12 kinds, in addition JUKE, this service is also can used on more models, such as Tiida (Versa) and other models.
In test, the JUKE Stinger Special Edition can still use newest Nissan diagnostic tool NISSAN CONSULT3 PLUS to diagnosis all the system. It is based on a wireless platform provides completed diagnosis and service information with all Nissan Consult 3 & 2 functions .
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LAUNCH X431 Idiag Auto Diag Scanner For Apple IOS works with Apple device which is in IOS system. Its covers more than 70 brands of cars include US, EU and Asian. The Bluetooth function of X431 Idiag Auto Diag For IOS makes it to be convenience in diagnosing. Function includes Read/Clear DTC, Reading Data Sream and other special functions.

 Please note:
1.X431 Idiag Auto Diag works with IOS 5.0 and higher.
2.This is original LAUNCH X431 Idiag Auto Diag for Apple IOS comes with two basic software Demo and OBDII. You have to go to official website to register and download vehicle diagnostic software.
Functions of LAUNCH X431 Idiag Auto Diag Scanner For Apple IOS:
1. Vehicle full system diagnosing.
2. Reading system version information.
3. Read DTCs & Clear DTCs.
4. Reading data stream.
5. Data stream displayed in curves.
6. Actuation Test.
7. Special function.
8. Instant information and software upgrade reminding.
9. Maintenance community to share technical experience.
10. Maintenance data base contains maintenance data and maintenance case online sharing.
11. Strong data base support and online service supply.
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LAUNCH X431 Idiag Auto Diag Scanner For Android
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