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ND900 Auto car Key Programmer TJECU Oirginal

ND900 Pro has been designed and built to keep pace with the evolution of transponder car keys. The ND900 Pro key duplicator features the most innovative electronic components in the field of radio frequencies thus allowing easy detection,reading and cloning (duplication) of fixed code transponders and the identification of cryptographic transponder codes.This is original ND900 Auto Key Programmer which has internet update function!ND900 Auto Key Programmer:The ND900 Pro has been developed to cater for future developments and to keep up to date with the ever expanding technology of transponders within the Automotive vehicle systems.
The ND900 Pro offers complete flexibility as once the main unit is purchased the functionality can be expanded by adding additional software.
The machine of the future for transponder developments, is the ND900 Pro....for professional locksmiths.
ND900 can directly copy all of 4D4C.(4C.4D=ID60.61 62 63., use FREE CHIP. The chip can be copied repeatedly, typeYS-01, only chip.

ND900 Detail:

The professional duplicating machine, Transpronics, has been designed and developed to assist immobilizer system specialists. Transpronics is not only a duplicating machine; it is also a unique machine that can make transponders from eeproms in immobilizer boxes when a customer has lost all keys. It can also inform you if a transponder is locked or not. It has been developed over 4 years. It can copy most crypto transponders like 42, 45,4D, most of 44 VAG and some 40 and 41 transponders. It can copy Texas fixed transponders to TPX1 without battery transponders.

-Identify Transponder
-Write Transponder Codes
-Copy Transponder
-Calculate eeprom memory
-Calculate Transponder Codes from eeprom memory
-Calculate pin-codes from eeprom memory, from chassis and from Transponder
-Test Transponder
-Generate Fixed Transponder Codes
-PC Software

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1 carefully read the owner's manual, according to the specific circumstances of the vehicle using the vehicle.
Although there are owners manual look too much head, and more boring, but the absolute use of the car has a great help. Take the time to carefully read the owner's manual, familiar with the manufacturer's recommendations and help, it is necessary to. In fact, the owner of the maintenance manual is very important, it allows you to learn a lot of knowledge of the car, especially for novice more practical. Many owners will be due to the small fault to the 4S shop for processing, in fact, some small problems in the owner's manual will be able to find the answer. In fact, there are a lot of things is very useful, all kinds of symbols in the vehicle what use, instrumentation and control mechanism, child safety precautions, the new 1500 km running and running after driving notes, in the "owner's Manual" can be found on the maintenance. In the purchase of a new car after, be sure to read the "owner's Manual" maintenance seriously, especially for the novice, if you are not familiar with the vehicle, the owner will not only lead to run 4S shop, spend more time and money, but also cause damage to the vehicle itself. Under normal circumstances, the maintenance of vehicles are in accordance with the "owner maintenance manual" on the implementation of the standard.
2 pay attention to check the battery, the proposed change every four years.
If the battery has been used for more than four years, pay special attention to check if it can work properly and replace it, maybe it will strike in extreme weather. The capacity and discharge capacity of the car battery will decline after 2 years. General car battery life will not be more than 4 years. Of course, the maintenance of good battery life will be longer. In most parts of China, a good lead acid battery is not a freezing phenomenon. Car owners should pay more attention to the vehicle's battery, regularly check the battery status, to avoid excessive discharge battery. Such as the battery life has arrived, and found that the vehicle is difficult to start, headlight brightness, etc., to replace the battery as soon as possible.
3 to save fuel and avoid unnecessary emergency brake and acceleration.
Frequent emergency brake is a major cause of high fuel consumption, we must first learn to avoid the formation of restlessness, inertia driving. In the case of the more familiar with the sliding distance of the vehicle, the road ahead of the red light should be less vigorously to the oil, to avoid the emergency brake at the traffic lights. Engine running at low temperature than the temperature increase after running more oil, so just start not immediately accelerated, and should be slow for a few minutes, so that the engine hot up and then accelerate. By way of fuel-efficient driving, each at least 1 liters of oil can travel 0.85 kilometers.
LAUNCH X431 Diagun III 3 Scanner Original is LAUNCH's newly develpped Universal Scanner which is based on its previous version X431 Diagun. It covers more vehicles than the old X431 Diagun and has some progress to let this machine to be more friendly.
LAUNCH X431 Diagun III 3 features and progress as below:
1.X431 Diagun III connects cars through DBScar adaptor by Bluetooth.
2.Powerful diagnostic function let Diagun III 3 works on most of Asia,US and Europe vehicles.
3.More friendly Interface let You now can go into diagnostic system directly after starting machine.
4.Compact design to make it slim on your hands!
5.Compact design makes DBScar connector avoide of dust & oil by window.
6.Diagun III 3 support standard USB printer.You can print diagnostic result.
7.Continually update makes you works on more and more cars.
8.Better battery system makes Diagun III 3 non-stop working for 10 hours!
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Recently, some overseas media exposure of the new generation of Mercedes Benz A-class products on the same platform derived models, according to the plan, a new generation will be officially launched in April 2018, and then the other derivative models including three car version, will be launched.
According to the exposure of the plan, has launched a new Mercedes Benz will be a five door version in April 2018 and October (W177) and a car three Edition (V177), and the new MFA2 platform to build the five door version of the model has been based on road test. A new generation will use new designs, will use a large size touch LCD to replace cash in car entertainment system.
April 2018 and October, Mercedes Benz will launch a new version of the five door Version (W177) and a three compartment Version (V177), the current five door version has begun to carry out road test, new car based on the new MFA2 platform to build. A new generation will use new designs, will use a large size touch LCD to replace cash in car entertainment system.
Since then, Mercedes Benz will be launched in the same platform on the new B level, new CLA, new Shooting Brake CLA, GLB, new GLA, etc.. Among the above mentioned in the three compartment version and GLB is not a new model.
Mercedes Benz MB Star Diagnose C4 ( SD Connect ) With Latest Xentry
Mercedes Benz MB Star Diagnose C4 (SD Connect) With 9.2015 latest xentry,das, EPC,WIS software for Mercedes group 12V cars & 24V heavy duty after 2000 which also support UDS vehicles. Support wireless and lan cable connection, K line,CAN BUS and UDS protocol.
The new generation for Mercedes Benz SD connect c4 is the latest one on market for all current and new coming MB vehicles. SD Connect Compact 4 is a latest Benz wireless multiplexer. It will connect to the PC by wireless connection.
Highlights of Mercedes Benz MB Star Diagnose C4 (SD Connect):
1. Newest Update software 2015.09 xentry, das, EPC, WIS and so on.
2. Firmware (Bootlmage and CSD) can be updated for newer version.
3. Brand new relays and TDK 701 Filter for stable connection with 2 years warranty.
4. With good Wlan card build in card slot and FREE GIFT Intel Wireless Card!
5. Support both WiFi AND Lan cable connection. more easy to use!No need COM port computer.
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As is known to all, timely and proper maintenance can keep the value of the vehicle. The most effective way to protect the vehicle from the environmental damage is to clean and protect the environment regularly. The following gives us a summary of some of the use of the new Mercedes Benz and the use of small common sense.
When you buy a new Mercedes Benz, the first step should be carefully read the instructions, which allows you to drive the new car handy.
The following gives us a summary of some of the use of the new Mercedes Benz and the use of small common sense:
1, when you buy a new car to the brakes, throttle, steering angle, lighting, sound use, etc., must be used in the operation of the project will be used to be familiar with, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble in the car.
1500, in front of your new car 2 km should be careful to operate the car engine, so that the engine can be a long time to play the best performance.
In 3, according to the running condition of adjusting driving speed and engine speed, engine load but not make excessive (without reservation, to avoid acceleration) high engine speed (rotational speed can’t exceed any transmission shift speed of 2/3). If not necessary, do not step on the gas pedal to the speed limit switch to allow the transmission to change into low gear box. Hand in the vehicle to shift at the appropriate time, do not change the use of low gear brake performance to enhance the braking effect. 3, 2 or 1 block can only be used in slow speed, such as climbing the slope.
4, after traveling 1500 kilometers, can gradually increase to full speed and engine speed. When going out should be in the service station to buy the original fuel oil additives, refueling in the way to add, you can effectively avoid the fuel quality is not good, to avoid the work of the vehicle engine is bad, resulting in unnecessary damage.
5, in the 5000 ~ 8000 km to the Mercedes Benz repair service center to do the first insurance, according to the conditions of our country to be in in the instrument maintenance tips to 8000 kilometers, every 20 thousand -3 million kilometers to do an engine cleaning, including the inlet, nozzle, solar term door, gasoline engine, pipeline inspection and computer set. To keep the engine powered by cleaning the vehicle for a long time.
6, the driver in the process of driving, do not put the hand on the hanging block, so that it is easy to occur in the middle of the gear will not be reduced when the speed can not rise. There is a situation, will make the vehicle in the sudden increase in speed, which is when you are in the direction of the speed limit may be encountered in the control rod, causing the vehicle speed in a certain set of good speed.
7, in the car with the SBC brake system, you must put the brake and accelerator with the master, because the brake system is computer control, and the general brake system is not the same. Make not used to feel that the vehicle is not soft, the use of the accelerator to re make the performance of the vehicle to play out.
8, equipped with four-wheel drive vehicles do not use long time 4WD low gear, so the engine and transmission caused by premature wear, thus affecting the performance of vehicles.
9, the vehicle tire should always check the pressure and tread wear, thus reducing the burst phenomenon and running in high speed. Don’t rush at the pit in the running. When the road surface should be slow refueling, so that the tire to climb up the stairs, do not make the front of the tire and the direct contact, so that the most easily damaged tires and rims.
10, in the winter should pay attention to the concentration of glass water not too thin, because the existing Mercedes Benz cars are equipped with headlight cleaning function. If the concentration of inadequate cleaning system for freezing cracking caused by cars, component damage, loss of headlight cleaning function.
11, the vehicle should not be stored for a long time, this will cause the battery charge is insufficient or no electricity, when you use the vehicle can not normally start. If the vehicle is mainly used for short trips or long hours by car idle, should check the battery charging more frequently. In the case of a long time to use the vehicle, you will be the vehicle battery cathode from the battery terminal to take down, once again using the vehicle before the installation can be.
Timely and proper maintenance can maintain the value of the vehicle. The most effective way to protect the vehicle from the environmental damage is to clean and protect the environment regularly.
LAUNCH X431 Diagun III 3 Scanner Original is LAUNCH's newly develpped Universal Scanner which is based on its previous version X431 Diagun. It covers more vehicles than the old X431 Diagun and has some progress to let this machine to be more friendly.
LAUNCH X431 Diagun III is a newly developed diagnostic computer with full color display screen. By communicating with the powerful DBScar diagnostic connector via Bluetooth or cable, X-431 Diagun III can test almost all the domestic cars and the imported ones from Asia, Europe and America. Meanwhile it features high quality test, upgrading fast any where at any time and synchronized with the newest international models. It’s more credible in quality and performance when compared with other products.
LAUNCH X431 Diagun III can be connected to external printer through USB port to print the diagnostic result in real time and support the large capacity TF card to store the diagnostic result. It has a smart, portable design and is easy to operate, and multiple languages are provided to cater for different areas in the world. on the X-431 Diagun III stands for Car Cloud logo. Car Cloud is a state-of-an-art individual application product, which is newly developed based on our LAUNCH’s vehicle diagnostic devices and technology service platform with independent intellectual property rights, mainly providing professional, intelligent vehicle monitoring and diagnosing service for car owners.
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With the continuous development of the automobile industry technology, the automobile manufacturers will have to break the old inertia thinking and the traditional advantages, and strive to keep up with the pace of the times. Now, the car manufacturers are generally realized, by means of external resources can better find the development of technology needed for professional knowledge and human resources, this way than in the past only rely on the internal resources approach has more advantages. Now, Ford and blackberry company announced to form a new partnership to jointly develop the new technology for the Ford unmanned vehicle fleet.
This cooperation is not the first cooperation between the two companies. Now, the BlackBerry company has developed the QNX operating system has been used by Ford for its latest information entertainment system Sync 3. BlackBerry also announced that it will specifically designated an engineer team dedicated to the promotion of the Ford project. The research team will strive to expand the further expansion of the QNX research, while also taking into account the development of BlackBerry security technology software Certicom. Although BlackBerry's share in the mobile phone market continues to decline, but its mobile devices have some of the best security performance. This advantage is particularly important for the company's BlackBerry, as it worries about hacking attacks.
Ford Motor Co and the company hopes to jointly develop a smart, high security and reliability of the system, and to enhance the safety of future automotive products. Both companies are aware of the prospects for the development of automotive interconnect technology. This is particularly important for the BlackBerry company, because it is regarded as the company's survival of the mobile device user base has been declining. The company will still insist on its own mobile phone business, but the company has recently announced that it will go out of the phone business and focus on software development. Unmanned vehicles will become the next generation of mobile devices, basically can be regarded as the combination of computers and mobile phones on the road. So for Ford, and the company has a sufficient reason for the company to form a partner.
By 2021, Ford hopes to have a fully operational fleet of unmanned vehicles. And by 2025, to have the ability to provide users with unmanned vehicle products. The partnership between Ford and the BlackBerry company is a smart move for both companies. Because the BlackBerry company can take this as a leader in the field of unmanned vehicle technology. While Apple has recently abandoned its own unmanned vehicle research and development projects with the high-tech companies, and then turned to focus on the development of unmanned vehicle software technology. To this end, the company has hired some former employees of the BlackBerry company QNX system research and development team. As can be seen from the above, these high-tech companies seem to have recognized the importance of QNX system research and development experience, as well as the importance of the security performance of the BlackBerry software.
Ford VCM OBD Diagnostic Interface is professional device for ford vehicles, Ford VCM OBD has the most functions of ford vcm ids, it is the mini version of ford vcm ids. Ford VCM OBD works on ford car by OBD2 port directly.
It is designed for ford, mazda and other few brand cars, really working very well with those cars 1996-2010, some 2011 cars.
Ford VCM OBD is diagnostic programmer for Ford vehicles 1996-2010. It can connect to various electronic control units (ECUs) and display identification, read and clear fault code memory, display and record measured values and perform actuator tests, some key programmer, etc.
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Yuan Zheng company was founded in 2002, in 1992 in Hongkong GEM listed (stock code 8196), 2011 to the Hongkong main board listed (stock code 2488). Company is China's first dedicated to the automotive diagnosis, testing, maintenance, tire equipment R & D and production of high-tech enterprises. Over the years, automotive diagnostic technology and brand based on company automotive diagnostic equipment industry has been ranked the leading position, adjust the development strategy of the company in 2013, to become the world's car networking core enterprise transformation.
Companies always adhere to the principle of technological innovation, independent research and development, now has the world's largest and most powerful technology R & D team. In addition to the establishment of R & D centers in Shanghai, Shenzhen, in the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea and Latin America have established R & D team. After many years of accumulation, the company has hundreds of patents and technology, and in China, the United States, Germany, Australia and other countries to obtain government agencies, the authority of the industry magazine issued hundreds of honorary certificates.
In the aspect of vehicle diagnostic business, as early as 1994, the company put forward the concept of the market after the car in China, automotive diagnostic advanced detection technology based on the development of the automobile diagnosis, maintenance and testing, lifting machine product line for automobile maintenance industry has developed a series of professional equipment. Among them, the "electric eye" has become synonymous with the car diagnostic computer, "X431" represents the highest level of diagnostic technology in the industry.
Networking in the car, the accumulation of more than 20 years based on the technology of car networking chip group company has developed with independent intellectual property rights, and has developed a series of intelligent vehicle networking hardware, providing the world's first automobile remote diagnosis function, has become the world's first car networking companies really have the core technology.
In the Chinese market, the company has eight branches and dozens of offices, the development of hundreds of dealers, nearly a hundred authorized training centers, as well as dozens of industry cooperation business group. In overseas markets, the company has a German subsidiary, and in Europe, America, Australia, Asia, the development of more than a hundred dealers.
Innovation in the change, the company spirit of "innovation, quality, efficiency, professionalism, competition," the corporate culture, people-oriented, with the spirit of continuous innovation, is moving forward along the road of high technology.
LAUNCH Creader VI is the next generation of vehicle fault diagnosis tool developed by Launch, especially for the DIY users and the servicemen of small service workshop. It applies the color LCD display and personalized function menu. It can diagnose the OBD & EOBD vehicles in whole functions with multi-language selection and LED diagnostic status indicators, which improves the user-friendliness. Meanwhile, the adoption of a whole new operation system makes the Creader VI run faster and help the user diagnose the vehicle more efficient.
GO2OBD: There is a SN(series number) at the back side of Creader VI. Meanwhile you can find the Pass Word at the first page of manual. When you want to register and update your machine, you need SN plus Password.
ORIGINAL LAUNCH CREADER VI With Internet update, it is most friendly small code reader for home using also workshop technician。
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Since 1886, the first car Benz manufacture of the world recognized the car after the past more than and 100 years, the car has already spent his 100th birthday, and in more than and 100 years, with the vigorous development of the automobile industry, there are many car manufacturers, but also celebrated the moment, but in the end is just flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. Until now, can experience the groundless talk and finally preserved, but three or four, and a hundred years old, only a benz.
In 1885 and 1886, Carle and Gottlieb made their first car in 1883, Carle first established in Mannheim stove, Benz company, 1890 Gottlieb followed up the Daimler Motor Company in Stuttgart. In 1894 and 1896, the two companies were launched the world's first bus car gasoline engine and a gasoline truck, after the competition and the initial stage of development and a postwar recession, the impact of foreign products with the industry in order to survive, the two companies together against the enemy, on 1926 formally established with Daimler Benz company (referred to as Benz Corp), and gave birth to the growth and development of the cradle of the German car. While World War II Benz Corp was also filled with smoke, but after being hit by the fast recovery of the car production. In 1945 1946, began producing trucks, resumed car production, and gradually restore the world luxury car manufacturer's position, how many changes and development embodies the domineering king of increasingly powerful and prosperous Benz Corp. In 1998, the company's leader, Culkin Schrempp (Schrempp Juergen) and the United States decided to merge with the composition of the Chrysler Corporation, the formation of the automobile industry top. The world is convinced that the Mercedes Benz will continue to shape the future of the history of the car.
Brand quality
This powerful Mercedes Benz car empire, headquartered in Stuttgart City, 197 thousand employees, 1993 sales of 59 billion 102 million yuan, annual production of about 1 million cars, 14 subordinate factories in China, the main subsidiary of 35, sales service station more than and 100, it has more than and 50 students in foreign countries
Production and assembly plant and more than 6 thousand and 300 agency and maintenance center, product marketing more than and 190 countries and regions. What is the secret of such a huge success?
First of all, the Benz Corp to produce the car, to see it the name, quality, touch, a mid-range Benz car price is more expensive, but at least can run 200000 kilometers, another engine reopen after 200000 kilometers, so average down is not expensive, the company's advertising stately claimed: "if someone found Benz the car was forced to" anchor "failure, we will give you ten thousand dollars." And the safety design of the Mercedes Benz car is one of the reasons for its reputation. In addition, good service, scientific research guide, seriously manufacturing, the more stable the Mercedes Benz car with the industry's leading position, always protect the brand quality.
Noble product Benz, not only the quality of cars and complete, There is nothing comparable to this, the main production C car (mid-range sedan, coupe), E car (high-grade car, car, car (S), luxury sedan coupe), and G (SUV CAR SUV). The car early production company is divided into Mannheim version and Stuttgart version, since 1936, both the high middle and low car are unified into the same name "Mercedes - benz". The reason to take this name, there is a story. In 1899, Austria Consul General de Emil Jelinek ordered 3 Daimler Phoenix sedan, he used the name of his daughter, named Mercedes, and drove in a nice rally, won the championship. Amir believes that his daughter's name brings good luck, it is recommended Daimler company to use its name. Daimler is also hoping to help it open the Austria aristocracy Austria market, they used this name, did not expect, its sales increased. Later established Daimler Benz Corp will all of its products for the Mercedes Benz.
Mercedes Benz MB Star C3 Diagnosis
1.This is the Mercedes MB STAR C3 Diagnose Tool works on Car 12V and Heavy Duty 24V.
2. It has real PCB in RS232-485 cable.
3. The price is with 120GB hard drive which include Xentry,DAS,WIS,EPC,SDMedia,StarFinder ect.
4.High Quality Compact 3 Star Diagnosis Tool with 2 years warranty.
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Mercedes Benz repair case analysis
Four wheel positioning
Symptom: four wheel alignment value is lost, the vehicle will feel heavy direction when turning, the back is not good, the tire will appear eccentric wear phenomenon. According to the maintenance statistics Mercedes Benz W140 chassis of the car generally travel about 60000 to 70000 km, due to the damage caused by the suspension of the plastic cover is missing more accurate positioning.
Solution: when the above fault occurs, we must promptly to the repair shop to replace the rubber sleeve, four wheel positioning adjustment.
Spark plug
Symptoms: the poor performance of the spark plug, when you will feel the power of the engine, the car and the rapid acceleration of suck exhaust pipe “process, the sudden sound was driving when the engine idling, jitter and so on.
Solution: it is recommended that you check the spark plug every 30 thousand kilometers to the repair shop to check the spark plug, if necessary, to replace the.
The door body dirty after the symptoms of solar term
Symptoms: the solar term door in the Benz W140 car traveling 20000 kilometers, due to the quality of the air, there will be a lot of dirt at the shut-off valve, when the dirt accumulated to a certain thickness, the engine will start to a car, a car driving after the idle abnormal flameout phenomenon, the solar term door needs cleaning.
Solution: after cleaning, the standard setting can be achieved through the original factory diagnostic instrument.
Clean fuel injector
Symptoms: nozzle dirty, the engine will appear difficult to start, power down, slow, idle shake, take up the engine will not start, black smoke exhaust, seriously exceed the standard.
Solution: cleaning nozzle, cleaning can also put the combustion chamber and the piston top of the coke cleaning off. Recommended 20000 kilometers per vehicle to carry out a free cleaning. So it can avoid the intake system deposit accumulated too thick.
Steering engine oil leakage
Symptoms: W140 Chassis STEERING mechanic package is damaged, there will be many external steering gear oil, the power steering oil loss. Loss of oil serious in the steering will be issued a lot of noise, if not timely repair will make the power pump oil damage.
Solution: found the steering machine oil should be promptly to the repair shop to replace the steering package, to prevent the loss caused by the damage of components of oil power steering system. General W140 chassis of the car traveling about 100 thousand km, the steering engine oil leakage phenomenon is more.
Water pump damage leakage coolant
Symptoms: W140 car pump leakage coolant phenomenon is relatively common. After the pump is damaged so that the coolant leakage, when the coolant loss is serious, it will cause the coolant temperature is too high damage to the engine.
Solution: found that the leakage of water pump cooling phenomenon should be replaced in a timely manner to pump, so as to avoid greater losses.
Fuel pump failure
Symptom: fuel pump is the fuel to the fuel injection pump. A “squeak, squeak” sound before the fuel pump damaged car general Benz W140 chassis, when the fuel pump is damaged, the fuel can be sprayed into the engine, the engine will stop working.
Solution: when the fuel pump abnormal sound, fuel pump should be replaced in a timely manner, so as to avoid the car broke down.
Brake switch damage caused by fault
Symptom: W140 is equipped with ASR system of the car, in the brake switch will be damaged after the ASR lights, sometimes driving can not accelerate.
Solution: when the ASR lamp is lit, it should be used to repair the plant with a diagnostic tester. Generally due to brake switch caused by more than ASR lights.
Failure phenomena of air flow meter
Symptoms: injection system for the ME car, the amount of air inhaled by the engine is by hot film air flow meter to measure. The air flow meter is especially easy to be damaged because of its structure. After the damage, the vehicle appears to accelerate the weakness, black smoke, can not run to the highest speed, no idle and other phenomena.
Solution: it is recommended to clean or replace the air filter in a timely manner. Only when the air in the engine is kept in the engine is often less, can the life of the air flow meter be prolonged.
The lower arm ball head damage symptoms
Symptoms: W140 car chassis of the lower arm ball is damaged, will directly affect the comfort and safety of the car. If your car slowly driving on the bumpy road, abnormal sound of the steering wheel from the “thump, thump”, then there may be damage to the ball under the arm.
Solution: lower arm ball damage need timely replacement, otherwise, at high speed ball head and ball touch, will directly endanger your life.
If you have Renault brand cars, you can buy Renault CAN Clip Diagnostic Tool .
Renault CAN Clip diagnosing & programming tool for Renault cars from 1998-2015, the newest software is V151 provide multiple languages, support ISO and CAN, with full chip PCB always stable quality.
Highlights of Renault CAN Clip Diagnostic Tool Plus Newest Software
1. Software version: V151
2. Best Can Clip with full chip PCB support ISO and CAN
3. Diagnose Renault cars (1998-2015) including automatically test all Renault models’ computers, reporgramming, airbag test and other functions
4. The firmware can be updated in future by newer software, NO 20% block problem
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In daily life, the owners often meet some small problems, such as the car some screw off the dashboard, there is something wrong with the body, found the noise, rain Water Leakage, these are easy to find, can be repaired, but worrying is that there are some small problems will directly affect the safety of the owners have often been ignored. As a result of accidents. In order to avoid danger, usually should pay attention to the following car is not normal reaction:
A, regardless of the speed of the car, the steering wheel is always kept shaking. At this time, first check the tires, if normal, then sent to the professional car beauty care center to check other mechanical parts.
Two, in a straight line, often turning the steering wheel in order to maintain a straight line. At this time, should look at the tire inflation situation, after correction, if the problem still exists, to auto beauty and maintenance center professional repair inspection.
Three, the car speed of 80-100 km or more speed, the body shaking. At this time, should be quickly slow down until the car until the stability of the body, and then as soon as possible to the professional car beauty conservation center to do the four round of positioning.
Four, the brakes, the car has a tendency to travel sideways, you need to turn the steering wheel to keep the car straight to stop. At this time, should be as soon as possible to the professional car beauty Conservation Center inspection. Under normal circumstances, you can make the brake when the appropriate correction, but if an accident, you will be caught off guard and led to the oncoming car collided or hit the pedestrian.
Five, brake when the lock is found dead, pulley and other phenomena. At this time, to immediately send a car to a professional car beauty conservation center, because in an emergency, the car may be irregular pulley problem.
Six, the exhaust pipe to issue irregular noise. At this time, the exhaust system should be checked as soon as possible, if the exhaust system is faulty, the carbon monoxide in the exhaust gas will enter the car, causing the driver poisoning, fainted or even death.
Seven, pay attention to the car’s steering and brake warning light. When driving, such as the discovery of one of the problems, to use appropriate gestures instead, such as other vehicles on the road can not predict your intentions, it will be very prone to the risk of collision.
Eight, the steering wheel has a lot of clearance, or stop the wheel can still substantially rotate. At this time, should be immediately sent to a professional car beauty conservation center, because the steering system is very dangerous to lose control.
FGTech Galletto 2 Master BDM-TriCore-OBD Plus BDM adaptors is a famous chip tuning tool for all cars, trucks, motorcycles, Marine, BDM MPCxx, BDM Boot Mode Tricore, checksum. This item cannot only work as FGTech Galletto 2 Master, but can also work for BDM-TriCore-OBD. This FGTECH Galletto 2 is with BDM adaptors make job so easy.
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Novice on the road should pay attention to what? Some have many years of experience in the old driver on the road just for novices to provide some small tricks to overcome five major weakness of the new car".
A weakness: the road into blind road
Don’t know the way a novice driver the biggest problem, especially for female drivers, driving a more vague sense of direction.
Some novice drivers on the road to adhere to a principle of the familiar route. But the real on the road, will also appear as correctly or not to miss the export turn designed route to go around to end well.
Weapon: the road, look over the map, the main road in the direction, several main branch and key landmark position remember. When you get lost, if you ask for help, then try to find ways to return to their familiar with the main road, and then try to go back to the original route. If the wrong way, especially a turn or U-turn, one-way travel ban on, rather than a way around and return to the original road, don’t violate traffic rules.
The two weakness: forget the rearview mirror
To help the driver on the road to the road around the panoramic view tool depends on the rearview mirror. Especially in the line, reversing or overtaking, the rearview mirror is particularly large. A lot of novice drivers on the road, some did not develop the good habit of looking at the mirror, or often due to too nervous, just staring at the front of the vehicle, forget to observe the situation around the vehicle.
Weapon: novice to habit in the rear-view mirror image, and to compare with the physical, know about the distance and direction. On the road is not complicated, road conditions and vehicle speed around the vehicle rearview mirror, pay attention to the novice used to more than just pay attention to the vehicle, to respond to emergencies. However, the rear mirror can broaden the field of vision, there are blind spots, novice in the process of driving to accumulate more experience.
Three: hurriedly change weakness not ready
Novice on the road is not familiar with, often have to go near the intersection to remember to turn or turn around, this time it began to change, the difficulty is significantly increased, and the technology is limited, but also often stuck in the middle of the road. To easily change the way, for the novice, it is definitely a high technical content of the work, especially around the car when the traffic.
Weapon: novice drivers will be far sighted, and pay more attention to road signs and road intersection on geographical indication, need to change road, early preparation, so as to avoid temporary deal. When changing lanes, the lane to see clearly and incorporated into the lane, two lane car after estimating the distance and speed, to ensure the smooth enough time to change the line, waiting for the right time, to turn on the lights to remind car, change lanes when crisp, slightly speed.
Four weakness: the case of gasser children do not understand the speed control
Congested roads, the driver was always worried, in order to get through the intersection, the total driving vehicles regardless of whether skilled frequent Gasser children. Especially some skilled driving old driver must attack Kung Fu especially terrible, even if the gap is not big, also can change lanes Gasser children. In this one step forward on the road, the novice if the control is not good and the car in front of the distance from the front of the car, and the car will be slightly larger, don’t take advantage of the success encountered gasser children; gasser children, once slightly faster speed control is not good, will inevitably be a little accident.
Weapon: when a car suddenly queue, novice drivers generally intuitive response is the brake to slow down to avoid, sometimes too tight will make the steering wheel is too large, causing traffic accidents. In this case, with the former car to keep the car from the knowledge is very large, rather than close to a little too far. The other queue when the appropriate speed not to vie with each other, safety first.
Five: a new weakness in the accident panic
In urban areas, general accidents are mostly small accident, but because it is the first time, the novice accident will feel at a loss. In particular, if the other side of the bad attitude, their attitude is the first soft half. Actually not, the old driver is a novice from over the bumps or rear end accident is small a lot of drivers will encounter.
Weapon: novice, kekepengpeng always, once encountered a traffic accident, the first is not to panic. If it is a minor accident, and the other party consultation, should pay attention to their responsibility is still no responsibility, if they lie or a bad attitude, alarm processing. If the accident is large, you should stop to protect the accident site, warning signs placed in the rear bodywork to remind other vehicles around the police and other police to come to deal with. There is a very important part of the phone call the insurance company, the most critical of the claims on their.
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