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Now the car will be equipped with a remote control key and a mechanical key, but most of the features of the car keys are the same. Just make all kinds of!
The lost car keys is a very troublesome thing, spare keys can be used normally, but relatively little car keys and high-end security is, if we want to match the remote control key, (not cheap car hundreds of car, do not have to say) 4S shop to a new "code" the key and the original car to match. The matching is completed, the new key can be enabled, then lost key failure, even if someone picked up your old keys, he also can you open the door by mechanical lock mode, but not likely to start your vehicle. Therefore, the security level of this code has become a major factor in determining the price level. But then a lot of people will be worried, can open my car door is not safe, ah, there is no more secure way to do. Of course, just as the replacement of the lock core, the most rigorous approach is to replace a whole car lock, so the person who picked up your keys will not even enter the door. Help car said the master key:
The vehicle start key: in general, according to the two and second long press this button, the vehicle will start, but there are also many models have started in different ways, such as the first press the unlock button car keys, and then press the lock button, press the start button at the vehicle, the car will start. Of course, this design is also used to prevent the false press the vehicle start button.
Car key trunk key: in the case of the car lock, long press the trunk key of the car keys, the trunk can not trigger the normal opening of the security system. (some models are continuously press two) if the car keys left in the trunk inside, and then closed it? Some models do the design to prevent this situation, if you are lucky, the trunk door induction to the car keys in the trunk, is not closed, if you bad luck, not only the prevention function, pulled out a mechanical key to you, to open the trunk.
Intelligent key keyless start system of induction to the intelligent key: when you press the start button keyless vehicle does not start, the intelligent key near the keyless start button, press the button again, the vehicle will start.
This is because the smart key inside a battery coil, can emit microwaves, and the start button and there was a battery coil, receiving microwave transmitted to the ECU, the ECU analysis key intelligence is not belong to this car, if it is, the vehicle will start.
Of course, there is also the need to explain some of the vehicle battery coil not and keyless start button together, some are in the armrest box, some are in the centre console, so look your car manual.
Car keys to unlock or lock the vehicle failure, how to use?
When the car keys without electricity or disturbed by other signals and cannot unlock or lock when the car keys near the vehicle antenna, press the unlock button or the lock button, the signal selector will receive preferential signal the car keys to unlock or lock.
In general, because the vehicle signal selector are installed in the preferred car near the antenna, so will the car keys to unlock or lock near here, even if the key battery or by other signal interference, can receive weak signal instructions.
If it is not, then can only come up with a mechanical key out of the solution / locked.
Some of the car keys have a red horn button, you have not studied what is the use of?
A according to the key, the car is far from the car park in a corner of the mad called up??????????????????????? It has to find a car and help function, when the suspect has the bad guys near, you can let the car continued to sound horn, causing others to pay attention to.
However, in the middle of the night in the silence of the underground garage, the horn sounded really disturbing too.
Where is the mechanical key of the intelligent key?
Equipped with intelligent key models, in general, the mechanical keys are hidden inside the smart key inside, there are folding, mosaic, and knob type, etc..
Remote control window: this function, there is seasonal (summer) is particularly practical: the hot sun in the car inside the hot ah! If you can find a cool place in the car nearby, let the window open or hot air to get on the bus, how good! Of course, some luxury models, there is a remote control to start the engine and even the air-conditioning function???????????. Try, long press the unlock button for a few seconds, the 4 windows are not open it?
Special remind, because the view of the reasons, some manufacturers of the mechanical key hole on the door handle to hide, so the use of mechanical keys to cover the door handle to open.
Some of the above is the car keys and car keys secret "deal with method of some special cases, multi-function car key in the convenience of our life, but also brings some problems for us, because every coin has two sides, so some owners do not have to have friends over some functions and trouble because, each car keys in the beginning of the design, are considering all aspects of the problem, at least in the problems of maintenance fees, can give you a lot of the rest.
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In winter on hard and slippery, if the tire maintenance, your car will likely understeer and braking distance is too long is not sensitive traffic safety brake. In the winter before you should first focus on the tire, we recommend that you usually best to keep every two weeks to check the tire pressure correction of good habits. Come with the study of the small series to learn BMW car maintenance knowledge!
1 question: ask the BMW car maintenance cycle is how many kilometers to save money and does not hurt the car?
Answer: BMW's original design, the production of different periods and different models of BMW's maintenance of the intervals are not the same. As of model year 1995 740iL/E38 the oil change intervals around each traveling 10000 kilometers. The 2005 section of the 740Li/E66 of the oil change interval about every more than 20 thousand km (the number of kilometers are just a reference, the actual mileage is the car computer BMW according to the working condition of the engine and automatically calculate the different. As for the oil sporty driving style time and warm type driving style oil change ahead of time). In our work experience, in the general driving in the territory of China in the use of the use of BMW suggested that the interval between the driver for the oil in about 10000 kilometers per ride. As you know, some of the current domestic gasoline quality can not meet the international standard, while the engine at work, some of the chemical composition of gasoline will be channeling into the oil, thereby affecting the stability of oil. In our daily work occasionally encounter some engine with thick sludge precipitation. There are reasons for this relationship between the quality of sludge generated with the usual maintenance interval oil and gasoline, oil and the inferior quality and of course add oil also has a relationship.
2 problem: some BMW owners even in finished tire maintenance (fill tire or plus end gas), the instrument still display tire alarm?
A: in order to improve driving safety, E60, E90 and part of the E66 BMW car system has a tire leak alarm. In the vehicle if there is a flat tire or pressure is not enough, there are warning lights and warning sound at the same time to remind motorists on the meter, when the fill tires or the corresponding tires after gas, must be on the tire pressure detection system to initialize the system set up, otherwise, even if the tyre pressure reaches the standard. Tire warning lights are still burning. Different models of the BMW car initialization procedures are not the same. In the owner's manual can be found in the corresponding models of the initial set up procedures.
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MB Star C3:
1.This is the Mercedes MB STAR C3 Diagnose Tool works on Car 12V and Heavy Duty 24V.
2. It has real PCB in RS232-485 cable.
3. The price is with 120GB hard drive which include Xentry,DAS,WIS,EPC,SDMedia,StarFinder ect.
4.High Quality Compact 3 Star Diagnosis Tool with 2 years warranty.
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Automotive battery leakage is unknowingly to the car off or loss of starting function, many owners have encountered such a problem. Because of its strong fault, so bad judgment is not good diagnosis. Today, small make up the battery leakage diagnostic process to share with you, we want to help.
1, the first inquiry, asked the owner of battery case, if it is in the running process of the vehicle battery is depleted, can first consider the generator or the charging system has a problem.
2, if the vehicle is running all normal, but suspended one day or a few days later, the battery runs out, the first to open the engine cover, check whether there are other battery poles column accidental connection caused by direct short-circuit, check all without ignition switch electric appliances (such as doors, radios, seat heaters, cigarette lighter switch etc.) how often is closing all switches, door and luggage compartment cover.
3, connected to the decoder, switch on the ignition switch, read the fault code, see there is no fault code, if there is, according to the fault code prompt check.
4, if there is no fault code, turn the ignition switch to the off file, remove the battery anode ground wire, in the battery positive lead and battery ground lead series multimeter to Ohm file, in the 1K range in europe. Check the cable resistance, if the resistance is less than 100 ohm, it is the external leakage of the battery; if it is greater than 100 ohm, it is the internal fault of the battery.
5, check the battery external leakage. Disconnect the ignition switch, turn off all electrical appliances, door and back-up cabin, remove the ignition key, disconnect the battery anode ground line, and connecting the DC ammeter between anode and ground negative battery pile head (above the maximum range of 2a), if there is no current meter can also be used to test 5W lights instead of doing simulation test. If the current meter current below 30 ~ 50mA, the lamp test began to shine and then gradually dim, dark red or filament extinguished, is the owner and the leakage caused by careless use.
If the current meter current is greater than 50mA, keep the current meter or try light connection, can use one by one to pull out the fuse wire (in particular, dome, etc.), while observing the change of the current meter or the light and shade of the lamp. If the fuse wire is removed, the leakage phenomenon disappears, that indicates that the fuse wire control circuit has a short circuit problem, and then carefully control the circuit diagram to detect and identify the fault point. There is a very special case: in the case of a single pull out all of the fuse wire, there is still a leakage of the situation, then it should be thought of battery cathode to fuse wire or ignition switch circuit leakage.
6, detection of internal fault battery. First detect whether the battery inside the battery. Normal battery supply voltage should be above 12V, the electrolyte density is 1.26-1.28g / cm, and the height of the liquid level should be in the standard range. The battery discharge tester is used to clamp the positive and negative electrodes of the tester, the positive and negative electrodes are clamped, the test button is pressed, the 12V voltage is continuously discharged after 3-5s, and the voltage indication of the test instrument is observed. If the meter indicates the voltage above 9.6V, indicates that the battery in good condition, but the lack of electricity; if the stability in 10.6-11.6v, indicates that the battery capacity is sufficient; if the voltage is below 9.6V but a value does not move, that the battery is strict
Mercedes Benz MB Star Diagnose C4 (SD Connect) With 9.2015 latest xentry,das, EPC,WIS software for Mercedes group 12V cars & 24V heavy duty after 2000 which also support UDS vehicles. Support wireless and lan cable connection, K line,CAN BUS and UDS protocol.
The new generation for Mercedes Benz SD connect c4 is the latest one on market for all current and new coming MB vehicles. SD Connect Compact 4 is a latest Benz wireless multiplexer. It will connect to the PC by wireless connection.
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In daily life, the owners often meet some small problems, such as the car some screw off the dashboard, there is something wrong with the body, found the noise, rain Water Leakage, these are easy to find, can be repaired, but worrying is that there are some small problems will directly affect the safety of the owners have often been ignored. As a result of accidents. In order to avoid danger, usually should pay attention to the following car is not normal reaction:
A, regardless of the speed of the car, the steering wheel is always kept shaking. At this time, first check the tires, if normal, then sent to the professional car beauty care center to check other mechanical parts.
Two, in a straight line, often turning the steering wheel in order to maintain a straight line. At this time, should look at the tire inflation situation, after correction, if the problem still exists, to auto beauty and maintenance center professional repair inspection.
Three, the car speed of 80-100 km or more speed, the body shaking. At this time, should be quickly slow down until the car until the stability of the body, and then as soon as possible to the professional car beauty conservation center to do the four round of positioning.
Four, the brakes, the car has a tendency to travel sideways, you need to turn the steering wheel to keep the car straight to stop. At this time, should be as soon as possible to the professional car beauty Conservation Center inspection. Under normal circumstances, you can make the brake when the appropriate correction, but if an accident, you will be caught off guard and led to the oncoming car collided or hit the pedestrian.
Five, brake when the lock is found dead, pulley and other phenomena. At this time, to immediately send a car to a professional car beauty conservation center, because in an emergency, the car may be irregular pulley problem.
Six, the exhaust pipe to issue irregular noise. At this time, the exhaust system should be checked as soon as possible, if the exhaust system is faulty, the carbon monoxide in the exhaust gas will enter the car, causing the driver poisoning, fainted or even death.
Seven, pay attention to the car's steering and brake warning light. When driving, such as the discovery of one of the problems, to use appropriate gestures instead, such as other vehicles on the road can not predict your intentions, it will be very prone to the risk of collision.
Eight, the steering wheel has a lot of clearance, or stop the wheel can still substantially rotate. At this time, should be immediately sent to a professional car beauty conservation center, because the steering system is very dangerous to lose control.
KESS V2 Master ECU Tunning Tool is developped on its previous version KESS 1. This lasted KESS ecu tunning tool has bigger coverage,faster speed and so on. The newest version for it is V2.10. Please download vehicle supports list at below.
KESS V2 Master ECU Tunning Tool Vehicle List
Kess V2 has several built in features and safeguards including:
1. Check of the battery voltage in real-time
2. Full Recovery function in case of problems
3. Automatic correction of the Checksum, (where available)
4 Boot-Loader mode supported
5. Management of the programming counters
6. ScanTool function to remove DTC
7. Several options of reading/writing speed
8. Option to write full file/section of the map
9. Full integration with ECM Titanium
With coverage of all major brands and protocols including Line, CAN, EDC17 and MED17 and Ford J1850. Kess V2 is everything you need to work as a successful tuner at a very affordable price.
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Reno (Renault S.A.) is a French car manufacturer, the vehicle type production with cars, small cars, midsize cars, SUVs, large vehicles (including trucks and engineering vehicles and buses) etc..
Reynolds company founder Luis Reno (Louis Renault) named, graphic trademark is up the four diamond pattern, a symbol of the Renault three brothers and the automotive industry integration, "said Reynolds" in the infinite (4D) space in the competition, survival and development. Renault [] in 1898, three of the Luis Reno brothers created Reynolds company in Boulogne billancourt. It is one of the world's oldest car companies and one of the world's ten largest auto companies. The production of firearms and ammunition, aircraft and light tanks in the first World War, the post-war recovery of the traditional production activities, and constantly open up new areas and departments, strengthen the contact with other industrial companies, became one of France's largest industrial enterprises. During the Second World War, Germany and France for the production of weapons and arms, in September 1944 by the French government to take over, Louis Reno was punished. Was nationalized in 1945, the government appointed chairman, composed of management institutions, and use the current name. From 1970 onwards, the company allows employees to buy shares of the company, but the maximum can not exceed 25%. Since then, the rapid recovery and development of the company, and gradually realize the diversification of operations. Renault is France's second largest car company, the main products are Renault brand cars, official vehicles and sports cars, etc.. Renault is one of the most exported vehicles in Germany, and its quality and reliability are also considered to be the first. Now the Renault car company is France's largest state-owned enterprises.
Renault F1 racing
Renault F1 racing
The company produces a wide range of products to the Renault brand cars, but also the production of tractors, agricultural machinery, machine tools, small military engines, bicycles, industrial rubber bearings, etc., at the same time also contracted projects, business car rental, equipment leasing and other long-term credit business. In our country, many large companies are owned and controlled, involving industry, commerce, finance and real estate. Subsidiaries in foreign countries are mainly concentrated in Europe, Africa, North America, Oceania and other places. Products are sold to more than and 150 countries, accounting for the company's turnover of 1/2. In 1993 the company's assets amounted to $35 billion 920 million. Company than the ancient in the suburbs of Paris.
Renault CAN Clip Diagnostic Tool Plus Newest Software
This is Probe Renault CAN Clip diagnosing & programming tool for Renault cars from 1998-2015, the newest software is V151 provide multiple languages, support ISO and CAN, with full chip PCB always stable quality.
Highlights of Porbe Renault CAN Clip Diagnostic Tool Plus Newest Software
1. Software version: V151
2. Best Can Clip with full chip PCB support ISO and CAN
3. Diagnose Renault cars (1998-2015) including automatically test all Renault models' computers, reporgramming, airbag test and other functions
4. The firmware can be updated in future by newer software, NO 20% block problem
Renault CAN Clip Functions:
See all the information relating to the vehicle
Look at the function you want to use:- computer test
Automatic test of all computers
Reprogramming (Some of others Can Clip has no program function).
Airbag test
Scantool (OBD tests)
Base Doc (access to Technical Notes)
Physical measurements
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With the wide application of electronic control technology in automobile, the modern automobile has become a more complicated control system of machine, electricity and liquid. Because of various kinds of sensors and actuators, the circuit is very complicated, so the fault diagnosis and maintenance of automotive electronic control system has been put forward higher requirements. In addition to the completion of electronic control system for centralized control of the engine (ECCS), automatic transmission control (EAT), anti lock braking control (ABS) and other functions, also has a fault self diagnosis function. It greatly simplifies the process of diagnosis, tedious targeted, the fault diagnosis and maintenance of electric control system become convenient, provides a key for modern automobile maintenance. In the normal operation of the electronic control engine, the fault self diagnosis system monitors all the parts of the electronic control system and the work of the ECU itself, each sensor input ECU signal and the ECU output control signal level are in the range of regulation. Once the input and output signals of ECU, are beyond the scope of the signal, self diagnosis system is determined the road signal failure, at this time, immediately failure lights on the dashboard, and the fault will occur in the form of code stored in the memory of the ECU. Fault diagnosis, according to the provisions of the operation method, you can call out the fault code, according to the fault code table to detect the fault location, fault code for the fault diagnosis has brought great convenience.
The car is the car fault code after the failure of the automobile computer ECU analysis reflects the fault code, general fault code is often caused by the fault sensor, but some fault ECU is read out! There will be some basic fault display on the car dashboard, but it was just a very small the main, or need to read the decoder using apparatus, decoding apparatus has many kinds, such as X - 431, KT300, but the fault principle and read out are the same.
Another point is that the fault code is divided into real code, historical code and occasional code, real code good detection, history is its literal meaning is not cleared before the failure of the fault code, but the occasional fault code is not fixed
The relay relay is located in the box, the car is generally two a is in the cabin, the other one is at the top of the main driving the driver side of the pedal, the first fault code means that the main relay does not work, the power supply part of the fault. The second meaning is that the work of the computer relay does not work, the power supply is not for the past. Third Zheng mean fault engine temperature sensor, fourth means the active switch malfunction. If these four faults occur at the same time, you should find the power supply often do not have the open circuit or open circuit. It's not the fault code. Because the maintenance of the car needs a lot of considerations. They can't have problems at the same time.
LAUNCH Creader VI is the next generation of vehicle fault diagnosis tool developed by Launch, especially for the DIY users and the servicemen of small service workshop. It applies the color LCD display and personalized function menu. It can diagnose the OBD & EOBD vehicles in whole functions with multi-language selection and LED diagnostic status indicators, which improves the user-friendliness. Meanwhile, the adoption of a whole new operation system makes the Creader VI run faster and help the user diagnose the vehicle more efficient.
GO2OBD: There is a SN(series number) at the back side of Creader VI. Meanwhile you can find the Pass Word at the first page of manual. When you want to register and update your machine, you need SN plus Password.
ORIGINAL LAUNCH CREADER VI With Internet update, it is most friendly small code reader for home using also workshop technician
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As is known to all, timely and proper maintenance can keep the value of the vehicle. The most effective way to protect the vehicle from the environmental damage is to clean and protect the environment regularly. The following gives us a summary of some of the use of the new Mercedes Benz and the use of small common sense.
When you buy a new Mercedes Benz, the first step should be carefully read the instructions, which allows you to drive the new car handy.
The following gives us a summary of some of the use of the new Mercedes Benz and the use of small common sense:
1, when you buy a new car to the brakes, throttle, steering angle, lighting, sound use, etc., must be used in the operation of the project will be used to be familiar with, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble in the car.
1500, in front of your new car 2 km should be careful to operate the car engine, so that the engine can be a long time to play the best performance.
In 3, according to the running condition of adjusting driving speed and engine speed, engine load but not make excessive (without reservation, to avoid acceleration) high engine speed (rotational speed can't exceed any transmission shift speed of 2/3). If not necessary, do not step on the gas pedal to the speed limit switch to allow the transmission to change into low gear box. Hand in the vehicle to shift at the appropriate time, do not change the use of low gear brake performance to enhance the braking effect. 3, 2 or 1 block can only be used in slow speed, such as climbing the slope.
4, after traveling 1500 kilometers, can gradually increase to full speed and engine speed. When going out should be in the service station to buy the original fuel oil additives, refueling in the way to add, you can effectively avoid the fuel quality is not good, to avoid the work of the vehicle engine is bad, resulting in unnecessary damage.
5, in the 5000 ~ 8000 km to the Mercedes Benz repair service center to do the first insurance, according to the conditions of our country to be in in the instrument maintenance tips to 8000 kilometers, every 20 thousand -3 million kilometers to do an engine cleaning, including the inlet, nozzle, solar term door, gasoline engine, pipeline inspection and computer set. To keep the engine powered by cleaning the vehicle for a long time.
6, the driver in the process of driving, do not put the hand on the hanging block, so that it is easy to occur in the middle of the gear will not be reduced when the speed can not rise. There is a situation, will make the vehicle in the sudden increase in speed, which is when you are in the direction of the speed limit may be encountered in the control rod, causing the vehicle speed in a certain set of good speed.
7, in the car with the SBC brake system, you must put the brake and accelerator with the master, because the brake system is computer control, and the general brake system is not the same. Make not used to feel that the vehicle is not soft, the use of the accelerator to re make the performance of the vehicle to play out.
8, equipped with four-wheel drive vehicles do not use long time 4WD low gear, so the engine and transmission caused by premature wear, thus affecting the performance of vehicles.
9, the vehicle tire should always check the pressure and tread wear, thus reducing the burst phenomenon and running in high speed. Don't rush at the pit in the running. When the road surface should be slow refueling, so that the tire to climb up the stairs, do not make the front of the tire and the direct contact, so that the most easily damaged tires and rims.
10, in the winter should pay attention to the concentration of glass water not too thin, because the existing Mercedes Benz cars are equipped with headlight cleaning function. If the concentration of inadequate cleaning system for freezing cracking caused by cars, component damage, loss of headlight cleaning function.
11, the vehicle should not be stored for a long time, this will cause the battery charge is insufficient or no electricity, when you use the vehicle can not normally start. If the vehicle is mainly used for short trips or long hours by car idle, should check the battery charging more frequently. In the case of a long time to use the vehicle, you will be the vehicle battery cathode from the battery terminal to take down, once again using the vehicle before the installation can be.
Timely and proper maintenance can maintain the value of the vehicle. The most effective way to protect the vehicle from the environmental damage is to clean and protect the environment regularly.
Mercedes Benz MB Star C3 Diagnosis With Latest Software
1.This is the Mercedes MB STAR C3 Diagnose Tool works on Car 12V and Heavy Duty 24V.
2. It has real PCB in RS232-485 cable.
3. The price is with 120GB hard drive which include Xentry,DAS,WIS,EPC,SDMedia,StarFinder ect.
4.High Quality Compact 3 Star Diagnosis Tool with 2 years warranty.
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For an ordinary white-collar workers, buying a car is not difficult, the difficulty of the place is to buy a car after a series of follow-up to spend more trouble. Maintenance, refueling, maintenance, parking and so on a series of overhead is not a lot of money. Money is not easy, I don't spend money here and wasteful, everyone together to discuss money saving tips.
Do not blindly pursue high grade
Gas for the car is as simple as people want to eat. Balanced nutrition is much better than food every day. At present, there are a variety of different grades of gasoline on the market, whether the use of gasoline is in line with the maintenance of the car has a close relationship. So the experts suggest that the owner: do not have to be too high to pursue high standard gasoline.
Whether the use of gasoline to meet the standards for the maintenance of the car has a close relationship. Long term use of high-grade cars low grade gasoline, will cause internal damage to the engine parts and other issues, and seriously reduce the normal life of the engine.
To develop good driving habits to fuel
In the process of driving skill is a simple and effective way to reduce fuel consumption, many owners are practicing fuel-efficient driving skills. "Master the characteristics of the car and drive the essentials, can reduce the loss of vehicles and fuel consumption." There are more than 8 years the owner Mr. Liu said, if you have skills that are not rich enough, then please see the experts listed some of the driving details.
Soft start
Sudden acceleration will be more than a few times slower than the speed of gasoline, to avoid a sharp deceleration of the urgent acceleration.
Average running speed
General car economic speed of 60~90 km / h. When the car was hanging in the top gear, the most fuel-efficient operation in economic speed, speed is too high or too low on fuel economy are unfavorable.
Reduce the use of brake
Braking is essentially a process of energy conversion, which means the consumption of energy. Through the intersection, downhill, corners, should be ahead of the throttle, hang into the low gear, the car naturally slow down, both to save the oil, and to ensure the safety of traffic.
Special tips: try to avoid the peak travel, but also a good way to save oil. Many riders said, it is only half hour patency, but may be a peak period for more than an hour, more out of the car in the oil burning time.
Oil does not have to buy imported
Lubricating oil is another big expense for car owners. Exaggeration to say that the oil is like the blood of the human body. The human body can not be separated from the blood, the same engine can not be separated from the moment of oil. The car is basically every 5000-7500 km on the need to replace the lubricating oil.
As one of the most important protection products, the selection of excellent quality lubricating oil can effectively protect the engine, reduce wear and tear, so that the vehicle has a better use of economy.
Lubricants for automotive use, expert advice: only buy the right not to buy expensive.
Many owners think that in the selection of lubricating oil, lubricating oil level (label) the higher the better, the more famous brands better, the more expensive the better. In fact, this need not. Imported oil price is more expensive than domestic brand-name 30% to 40%, compared to the general domestic oil is more expensive, so it is not necessary to spend a high price to pursue famous brand.
Special tips: select the lubricating oil should be selected according to the requirements of the engine, the lubricating oil is not necessary to use high level at low engine, can lower the use of lubricating oil in high engine, according to the requirements of the vehicle technology and conditions of use "capabilities". Such as engine oil, for domestic cars, some domestic SJ oil completely able to meet the requirements, there is no need to buy imported.
Oil is not as full as possible
Some owners want to better understand the car, so the full increase in oil. They think that the lubrication oil of the engine increases the more the better, but also can reduce the frequency of oil filling, save money.
For this kind of behavior, experts say: if the oil is too much, not only increase the internal power loss of the engine, but also increase the fuel consumption. Therefore the increase spilled onto the wall of oil, prone to burning oil, causing the engine lubrication. The amount of oil should be controlled within a proper range, between the upper and lower line oil gauge.
Special tips: do not fill the tank often is not uncommon, some owners often only half a tank, refueling near exhausted. In fact, it will make the upper fuel pump in the tank is often not fuel cooling, easy burning. Replacement of a fuel pump for hundreds of dollars, it is he used this method to control oil.
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Novice on the road should pay attention to what? Some have many years of experience in the old driver on the road just for novices to provide some small tricks to overcome five major weakness of the new car".
A weakness: the road into blind road
Don't know the way a novice driver the biggest problem, especially for female drivers, driving a more vague sense of direction.
Some novice drivers on the road to adhere to a principle of the familiar route. But the real on the road, will also appear as correctly or not to miss the export turn designed route to go around to end well.
Weapon: the road, look over the map, the main road in the direction, several main branch and key landmark position remember. When you get lost, if you ask for help, then try to find ways to return to their familiar with the main road, and then try to go back to the original route. If the wrong way, especially a turn or U-turn, one-way travel ban on, rather than a way around and return to the original road, don't violate traffic rules.
The two weakness: forget the rearview mirror
To help the driver on the road to the road around the panoramic view tool depends on the rearview mirror. Especially in the line, reversing or overtaking, the rearview mirror is particularly large. A lot of novice drivers on the road, some did not develop the good habit of looking at the mirror, or often due to too nervous, just staring at the front of the vehicle, forget to observe the situation around the vehicle.
Weapon: novice to habit in the rear-view mirror image, and to compare with the physical, know about the distance and direction. On the road is not complicated, road conditions and vehicle speed around the vehicle rearview mirror, pay attention to the novice used to more than just pay attention to the vehicle, to respond to emergencies. However, the rear mirror can broaden the field of vision, there are blind spots, novice in the process of driving to accumulate more experience.
Three: hurriedly change weakness not ready
Novice on the road is not familiar with, often have to go near the intersection to remember to turn or turn around, this time it began to change, the difficulty is significantly increased, and the technology is limited, but also often stuck in the middle of the road. To easily change the way, for the novice, it is definitely a high technical content of the work, especially around the car when the traffic.
Weapon: novice drivers will be far sighted, and pay more attention to road signs and road intersection on geographical indication, need to change road, early preparation, so as to avoid temporary deal. When changing lanes, the lane to see clearly and incorporated into the lane, two lane car after estimating the distance and speed, to ensure the smooth enough time to change the line, waiting for the right time, to turn on the lights to remind car, change lanes when crisp, slightly speed.
Four weakness: the case of gasser children do not understand the speed control
Congested roads, the driver was always worried, in order to get through the intersection, the total driving vehicles regardless of whether skilled frequent Gasser children. Especially some skilled driving old driver must attack Kung Fu especially terrible, even if the gap is not big, also can change lanes Gasser children. In this one step forward on the road, the novice if the control is not good and the car in front of the distance from the front of the car, and the car will be slightly larger, don't take advantage of the success encountered gasser children; gasser children, once slightly faster speed control is not good, will inevitably be a little accident.
Weapon: when a car suddenly queue, novice drivers generally intuitive response is the brake to slow down to avoid, sometimes too tight will make the steering wheel is too large, causing traffic accidents. In this case, with the former car to keep the car from the knowledge is very large, rather than close to a little too far. The other queue when the appropriate speed not to vie with each other, safety first.
Five: a new weakness in the accident panic
In urban areas, general accidents are mostly small accident, but because it is the first time, the novice accident will feel at a loss. In particular, if the other side of the bad attitude, their attitude is the first soft half. Actually not, the old driver is a novice from over the bumps or rear end accident is small a lot of drivers will encounter.
Weapon: novice, kekepengpeng always, once encountered a traffic accident, the first is not to panic. If it is a minor accident, and the other party consultation, should pay attention to their responsibility is still no responsibility, if they lie or a bad attitude, alarm processing. If the accident is large, you should stop to protect the accident site, warning signs placed in the rear bodywork to remind other vehicles around the police and other police to come to deal with. There is a very important part of the phone call the insurance company, the most critical of the claims on their.
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Did you know that your car can open some hidden function through the software operation?
Have you ever thought of "software update" on your car?
Have you ever seen a professional and technical personnel through the computer and the car can be connected to the exclusion of failure?
To achieve these functions, we have to mention a system called "ECU".
Vehicle also has a LAN ECU network to build vehicle control system
You know, our car is like a mini LAN network, which comprises a plurality of independent electronic control unit "(ElectronicControl Unit ECU)" are connected with each other and exchange data, to achieve control of the vehicle to perform a variety of instructions to us.
The composition of ECU is very similar to the computer, and has CPU processor, memory and input / output interface. Different ECU control different functions, such as engine ECU, transmission ECU, how do they work? Do they have software support? What kind of effect would they have if they were upgraded as an upgrade of a computer? ECU and computer is very similar, it is responsible for receiving signals from various parts of the vehicle sensor, through the inherent internal procedures and comparison, then in accordance with the procedures set is transmitted to the actuator, in order to ensure the normal work of the various parts of the car.
In layman's terms, ECU is like a "driving computer", which is used to control the normal operation of the vehicle. In this computer has been stored in a variety of instructions, the sensor returns the state of the vehicle, the computer automatically screening program and then to perform sensing. For example, the engine ECU module, which is transmitted through the engine sensor data, to control the amount of fuel injection to ensure that the power output unit time. The ECU module of the engine can change the output of power and torque by changing the parameters of the engine.
In addition to the engine ECU module, the general vehicle will have many different kinds of ECU modules, and not individual between these modules and their connection through a similar "Lan" exchange information. Such as transmission ECU module and the engine ECU module requires information exchange, when the automatic transmission requirements rise, the engine will receive information and issue instructions to change the amount of fuel injection.
Through the upgrade can be turned on the car hidden function
Since a similar computer and software control, then it can be upgraded? Professional repair personnel Mr. Hu said, "in the ECU module types, including comfort system ECU, ECU sound system, multimedia system ECU and other types of vehicles in the factory, some of the features are in the closed state, if the demand can be opened by software control form, also is our computer commonly used" brush machine "." For example, the remote control key control window lift, vehicle running automatically locks, electric mirror control programs are closed in some vehicles ECU, professional computer equipment, upgrade control software is completely open.
In addition, we are familiar with ABS, airbags, cruise control, Bluetooth system, the configuration of parts alone can not complete the work. For example, ABS system, when the ECU module detects it to brake signal from the system, and collect four tire braking force, through the calculation of average distribution of the brake force to the various needs of the tire, to maintain vehicle stability.
Other configurations are needed in the ECU module has the instruction program, and collect data according to the data issued in accordance with the procedure of action instructions, hardware conditions, can be realized through software upgrades.
Blind upgrades may cause mechanical damage to the vehicle.
Everyone here has a question, since the vehicle has the function, why not open it? Mr. Hu said, according to the demand for the characteristics of different customers, the factory will make personalized configuration for the vehicle, the vehicle sales, if the user indicates the need for a function, then through technical means of opening.
At present, some modification shop will be on the vehicle ECU module software upgrade, they change the engine parameters to improve the performance of the vehicle. The stability test of automotive products before putting into production after the strict powertrain, chassis assembly and other important system, if the performance of a simple change of the system, other systems may not support, may cause mechanical damage to the car, causing irreversible loss.
However, ECU module software upgrades are required for professional and technical personnel to complete. Mr. Hu stressed that some manufacturers are not certified modification shop, will sell to users is not the authentication software to upgrade the ECU module, this may cause disorder and consequences of undermining the stability of control system, advised consumers not to easily upgrade.
In addition, if the vehicle is a failure, we will be driving computer screen when prompted, technicians will connect the computer vehicle, someone who understands this is mainly to upgrade the software ECU module, troubleshooting. Mr Hu explained that when the vehicle fault display, ECU module of the program will show, when troubleshooting, connect the computer mainly to erase fault memory, otherwise will always display fault.
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