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Today I will teach you some diagnostic methods for Nissan cars:
A frozen air conditioning Sylphy.
Failure phenomenon: the car for a period of time, for example, 20 minutes, air conditioning will not come out, but the noise is very large, it is obvious that the evaporator icing, blocking the wind out of the.
The diagnostic process for repair of evaporator icing Sylphy is very early, someone had summarized the principle of the first, simple, complex, the first change of refrigerant, in strict accordance with the 450 grams of filling the new refrigerant, and then not, replace the expansion valve, then replace the compressor. But for this car, the replacement refrigerant has no effect, replace the expansion valve, has no effect, the total does not replace the compressor. Finally, we open the expansion valve, observe the structure, pay attention to the expansion valve at the bottom of the adjustment screw, a screw inner six angle, the original expansion valve can be adjusted. We are based on the principle, tighten the screws, and then test results.
Solution: adjusting the expansion valve screw, you can open the valve to reduce the degree of expansion, reduce refrigerant flow, reduce the pressure of the low pressure pipe, thereby reducing the output of the compressor, so that the evaporator is not easy to freeze.
Two. 1.6 Nissan engine is difficult to start (Livina. Tiida Sylphy.)
Fault phenomenon: whether engine or refrigerator engines are difficult to start the phenomenon
Confirm the fault: start the engine test, about a few minutes after the engine before the engine, the engine is indeed difficult to start.
Initial inspection: the special fault detector test, no fault code display; read data flow, are also normal.
Diagnostic process: pull off the coolant temperature sensor wire side connector after starting the engine, the engine can immediately start the machine. However, after the replacement of the coolant temperature sensor test, the fault is still.
Remove intake pipe after the solar term door is, when starting the engine, to the inlet pipe is sprayed into a little carburetor cleaning agent, mixed gas enrichment, the engine can immediately start a machine. Check the engine intake part, no leakage phenomenon. The data flow of the engine starting is read by the Nissan special fault detector. The basic fuel injection pulse width is 4.1ms, and the actual fuel injection pulse width is 5.6ms. The data flow during the start of normal vehicle engine was read, and it was found that the actual fuel injection pulse width was about 9 Ms. It seems that the fault reason is that the fuel injection quantity is too small at the start of the engine.
Solution: to the engine ECU self-learning can be ruled out. Engine ECU self-learning methods are as follows:
(1) engine warm to normal operating temperature;
(2) the engine speed is maintained at 4 800r/min below, after the start of the vehicle 0KM/h urgent acceleration to 60 km/h;
(3) repeat steps (2), operate more than 2 times;
(4) after the engine is switched off, it can be restarted.
And you can use VAS 5054A VW AUDI SKODA SEAT Diagnostic Tool to diagnosis your car ,and by VAS 5054A know what matter with your car .VAS 5054A used for VW group cars include VW,AUDI,SKODA,SEAT,Bentley and Lamborghini. The latest software is ODIS 2.2.4, with bluetooth function and full chip OKI.
Hope you will like VAS 5054A!
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Several methods of automobile anti-theft car is most worried about the car theft, some owners even dressed in ordinary car, a Volkswagen, which do not want to cause the attention of thieves. But as everyone knows, this "popular" car is creating a condition for the thieves. You think, the thieves drove your car on the street, into the car of the ocean, where to go! You can also look at the car couldn't hire two bodyguards. Or another way to think of it. The shot when the shot - the installation of many owners of the anti-theft device will think of money to install anti-theft devices. Car anti-theft devices currently on the market to sell various types, the use of the principle of a mechanical, electronic and hydraulic; anti-theft lock the way the steering wheel, brake and throttle lock lock lock lever, and even lock the wheels. Kan Youbo automotive experts told reporters that some cars with anti-theft devices, such as Poussin, Audi, Honda, Buick and so on, do not need to install their own; there are a number of cars with no alarm, these cars in order to avoid interference when installing the original circuit, such as fire, should pay attention to the following points: one is to be installed in accordance with the circuit diagram; the two is to really understand the circuit diagram; three is the connection point must be welded firmly. Some owners may want to ask, then my car is suitable for what type of anti-theft device? Relevant experts believe that this should be a concrete analysis of the specific circumstances. 1 special doors and premium car locks can now buy a variety of special locking nut, can protect the wheels and tires, to avoid theft. Your car and the vehicle in front luggage compartment cover can also install special lock. If you have a small van, four wheel drive car with a spare tire outside, it is best to lock it with the body. 2 security reinforcement of this type of security reinforcement is easy to buy. For example, a bent handle lock, it is with two elbow with a lock connected to a steel rod. You can hook at one end of the steering wheel, the other end to bypass the clutch or brake pedal lock after them. This kind of anti-theft reinforcing device using non-standard picklock specifically to deal with the lock, but it will bring you some inconvenience, such as when you leave the car and had to take time to lock it, and don't use it when you have to find a place in the store. 3 to prevent the installation of such devices in the thieves attempt to drive away your car, you can cut off the ignition or supply pipeline. The ignition device is cut off as if it were attached to an ignition switch. Your car won't start unless you activate the hidden switch. 4. You'd better take a look at all of the existing car alarm systems, and know which system is both economical and fully protected. 5 new anti-theft devices in the market often a variety of new anti-theft devices, such as "credit card" system. The installation of this device, you need to pull out the card, the car's three separate circuits will be cut off, no card can not start the car. The brain is thinking: breakdown of law while the automobile anti-theft device for anti-theft thieves set some obstacles, but you also don't sleep without any anxiety. Individual car thief, or can you crack the anti-theft device. What should I do? Here are some of the owners have experienced some painful lessons after the summary of the law, you can try. 1 when you are not in the car, whether it is a few minutes, are determined not to leave the key on the ignition, be sure to turn off the car, get off the key. If the window, open the sunroof, that is equal to the thief to an opportunity, so remember must be shut down, the window to shake tight. 2 general car keys have spare, you must think do not put the spare key in the car, no matter where the car is, the thief will find. At this point you can not be careless. 3 if your car is the standard door lock knob, suggest you change into a thin knob, so with a coat hanger or wire could not lift it. 4 when you drive to public places, do not turn the car into a parking space, so it is easy to make the opportunity to make the car keys. 5 make sure that your car's luggage compartment, door, and ignition lock with a different lock, that means the thief has to have three keys, not a drive to drive your car away. Parking 6 parking, try to avoid the car parked in a dimly lit or sparsely populated areas. But sometimes in the case cannot but must put the car parked in the hidden place, you'd better put the car in your car, so thieves pry, easy to be found. Tip: when the car should be open to the open terrain, a single line, a wide range of pedestrians, parking wheels turn a certain angle. Parking at night to stop in the bright place, so the thief to waiting to start, after car theft is not easy to leave the scene soon, escape the search field. 7 don't put the car parked in violation of the place, otherwise you can not in a short period of time to determine the car is stolen or towed away by police. 8 If due to special circumstances (such as travel, etc.) the car parked outside for a long time, it is better to take the rotor inside the distributor, or remove an ignition wire, so even if the door being open, also stole the car is not easy. 9 you can see a vehicle body set outsiders difficult to lift the small fault or authority, such as adding organs in the engine starting line, car door locks, such as oil, increase the difficulty to the thief, the vehicle is difficult to start, can not be stolen. 10 car accessories, such as fuel tanks, lamps, batteries, spare tires and so on should be in the connection.

And when your car key are lost ,you can use Smart CN900 MINI CN900 Car Key Transponder Copy Tool Updated Online copy key .

Smart CN900 MINI Car Key Transponder Copy Tool is the replacement of CN900 Key Programmer that can easily hand-held, which can easilyupdate online as CN900.
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With the growing maturity of automotive technology, speaking of the initiative to change. We should not unfamiliar, but the principle of their work is clear, here I am for you a rough introduction one or two
Active steering is developed by BMW independent research and development due to the high cost, mainly loaded in the BMW intermediate car, such as the 5 Series 7 series X and GT
The working principle of active steering is battery valve "variable differential motor controlled by ECU, to complete the transmission and planetary gear ratio, thereby changing the steering angle of output, generally speaking is when the vehicle in the steering wheel, from the left to the right end of a total of 2 times in the direction (to reduce the driver's actions. Rotate the tires, and thus a more efficient operation of mobile vehicle location easier)
When the vehicle is running, the vehicle speed rises, the steering wheel from left to right, the total number of about 4 laps (the purpose is to adjust the angle of the tire more subtle angle, in order to complete a slight movement)

and you can use the<a href="http://BMW ICOM BMW ISIS ISID A+B+C Firmware"> BMW ICOM BMW ISIS ISID A+B+C Firmware to diagnosis your car .

BMW ICOM BMW ISIS ISID A+B+C Firmware is the latest program, diagnose, coding and complete system BMW have the full system replace DIS GT1/SSS/OPS and OPPS. All BMW series can be processed with the ICOM-A, B and C-modules.

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Real LAUNCH X431 V Tablet pc Vehicle Scanner Device With BT and Wireless is new era Release Automobile analysis tool which covers greater than 55 manufacturers of automobiles on earth include vehicle brands from EU, United states and Parts of asia. On the other hand, Release X431 V support greater than 20 types of spoken languages on earth.It will probably be smart choice of common vehicle analytical device to your workshop.

High lighting:

1. Support Multiple dialects.

2. Help WIFI and Wireless bluetooth relationship .

3. Substantial variables tablet computer for top detect velocity and very long time operating time as a result of Built in battery power 3000mha

4. It includes more than 55 manufacturers of makers from EU,Asia and United states of america.

5. LAUNCH X431 V has A single-Simply click upgrade work via web. No requirement to obtain update software into CF greeting card.

Take note:

1. Please tell us the collection quantity of your Start X431 right after receiving it and language And country you should open up the authorization. We will procedure it quick and you then can sign in to down load softwares.

2. It ask dealer's computer code when sign in, it usually be 86A or 86K.

3. You get 1 year free of charge upgrade after registering. The price of next season up-date is 650 USD or 130 USD each and every time.

All GENUINE LAUNCH X431 V CAR SCANNER should have Exclusive Private note for registering. Please check under photograph:


Launch X431 V (X431 Professional) with Wireless bluetooth/Wifi based upon Android os program, is a new vehicle malfunction analytical product developed by Launch Tech for world wide web application. X-431 V completely alternatives X431 IV and X431 Diagun III. It goes by on Start positive aspects in vehicle fault analysis modern technology, like huge vehicle model coverage, effective examination functionality, unique work and precise tast data, etc., X-431 V achieves the full car design and full program fault diagnosis with the bluetoooth communication in between DBSCar connector and smart mobile terminal.It is a standard analysis device added by Start to analysis business regarding internet application. X-431 V taking the benefit of mobile phone internet, can share maintenance info and situation library, supply immediate upkeep info, and make open public and exclusive servicing social group,etc.,hence result in large vehicle diagnostic neighborhood.

X431 V Item Features:

Board PC: Substantial settings of hardware , quickly running velocity Capacitor Screen: Multi-feel capacitor display, much more sleek procedure Wireless Analysis: Wireless communication between smart cellular terminal and DBSCar connector via BluetoothMobile: Sensible PDA design, small size for convenient carry Enhanced Graphical user interface: Completely new procedure interface design and style, user interface much more pleasant and functioning much simpler Wireless conversation: Assistance Wireless Google android Method: Customers can put in and Android software Many Extra Functions: Photograph, video clip, multimedia, other software program,and so on.

X431 IV: NO
X431 V: Front: 0.2 megapixel, Rear: 2.0 megapixel

Picture/Audio/Video/Instant Chat
X431 IV: NO
X431 V: YES

Design Feature:
X431 IV: Encapsulate design at side and bottom, anti-knock, powerful function, economical cost
X431 V: Tablet, Multi-touch, Customer Management

Packing List of GENUINE LAUNCH X431 V  Car Scanner:
X-431 V Pad Computer
Password Envelope
X-431 V Protection Sleeve
DBScar Diagnostic Connector
OBD II Extension Cable
Cigarette Lighter Cable
Power Adaptor
USB Data Cable
Non-16Pin Connector.
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mb star c4 As being an authentic device , in this article we?ˉd like to introduce the details Explanations Scanner of the scanning device.

mb star c3 exhibiting:

mb star c3

This portion demonstrates exterior functions, plug-ins and connectors of the

scanning device

Entrance See :

1 10.1 LED IPS Capacitive Touch-screen ¨C shows menus, examination results and procedure suggestions.

2 Loud Presenter

3 Entrance-Facing Digital camera ¨C gives face to face tech support or interaction.

4 Conversation Status Indictator ¨C reveals the interaction status

between the scanner and automobile.

5 Energy Status Indication ¨C suggests the power standing in the scanner.

6 Home Option ¨C exits a screen and earnings for the house display screen from the tablet.

Back Look at :

1 Battery Area ¨C sets up lithium-polymer battery to provide capability to the scanner when disconnected from automobile.

2 Collapsible Stand ¨C extends through the returning to permit palms-totally free observing of

the show. The remain clips in to the device for storage space and pivots out so the display is at a 45 degree perspective while in use.

3 Back end-Facing Camera ¨C takes pictures of VIN number, faulty components and dishes and shoots check videos.

Best Look at:

1 Power Switch ¨C turns on the scanner, goes to sleep mode or awaken the scanner from rest function, push and maintain for 3 mere seconds for unexpected emergency shut down.

2 USD Slot ¨C offers a USB connection for that PC or laptop.

3 HDMI (high-meaning media graphical user interface) Port ¨C outputs show of the scanner for demonstration and training of the products.

4 Analysis Port ¨mb star c3  provides connection between car and the scanner.

5 DC Strength Enter Jack ¨C links to walls connect to supply power to the

scanning device as well as demand the scanner.
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MagPro 2 is a chip tunning system composed of several modules. Serial OBDII programming tool that allows the communication with a vast number of vehicles, allowing the reading and writing through the use of simple connections with simple and fast software.
MAGPRO 2 OBD2 ECU TUNNING TOOL V4.1 , Install password: 12345678
The interfaces supports CAN-bus (ISO 15765-4 & SAE-J2234), K-line (ISO 9141-2 & ISO 14230-4) and FORD SAE J1850PWM) protocols. X17 support also TP2.0 and UDS protocols.
In most cases (euro4 & 5 vehicles) crc correction is automatic.
Thanks to wide range of accessories you can read / write by the OBDII diagnostic connection or by the dock (using the BREAKBOX). For cars with non-diagnostic socket OBDII, you have the specific cables.
MAGPro2 offer injectors coding function for the cars of Renault, Nissan and PSA group (necessary after writing the modified file to ECU).
The sophisticated structure of the MAGPro 2 offers the advanced functions of software (RECOVERY MODE) ensure accuracy of communication with the ECUs.
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Recently, Bentley sales and marketing responsible Kevin Rose in an foreign media interview said, Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6 concept car production green light is soon to open, and now only need the board of directors agreed. It is reported that the production version will based on MSB platform to build, its positioning in two-seat sports car.
According to Kevin Rose introduced the production version will based on MSB platform as the same as the new generation Porsche Panamera to build. He also mentioned that the next Continental GT, Flying Spur and other models are also from MSB platform.
In power, EXP 10 Speed 6 concept car production models may use a 4.0L V8 twin-turbo engine. The future is also likely to launch an electric version model, equipped with two electric motors, use four-wheel drive system, top speed can reach 321km/h, maximum mileage is about 500km.
In test, the Bentley EXP10 Speed 6 can use VAS 5054A to diagnosis all the system. VAS 5054A diagnostic tool used for VW group cars include VW,AUDI,SKODA,SEAT,Bentley and Lamborghini. The latest software is ODIS 2.2.4, with Bluetooth function and full chip OKI.
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Recently, foreign media to capture a group of the latest Ford Mondeo road test spy photos, the new car mainly adjusted for the front face shape and tail details. It is reported that the car is expected to be released by the end of 2016.
The front face of the new Mondeo use the latest family front face design, the front grille is still multi-spoke chrome strip design, both side LED headlight inside integrated into LED daytime running light, the bottom grille of the front bumper is from the previous inverted trapezoidal design adjusted positive trapezoid style, both sides joined LED fog lights, style also becomes polygonal shape.
The rear styling, the new Mondeo has little change with the current model, but from the current camouflage style of the taillights center can see, the new car in future may be make fine adjustments for taillight group.
Power systems, the new Mondeo is expected to continue to equipped with 1.5T and 2.0T engines.Transmission system may be will match with six-speed automatic gearbox. In test can use ford vcm 2 to diagnosis all the system. VCM II Scanner is a dealer lever diagnostic tool for Ford by using IDS software.It has more advantages than old Ford VCM scanner.
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In the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show, Nissan launched JUKE Stinger special edition model, the car uses black and yellow mix color, very personality.

This special edition model is Nissan mainly launched for promote Color Studio personalized project, Stinger Special Edition has two colors, which one is that we have seen, mainly use black, in some body details use yellow trim. the interior also use black and yellow color.
While the other model use yellow car body, in wheels, wheel arches and front bumper use black trim, opposite with this car's color.
It is reported that this customized service need only pay $ 990, you can have private and customized color in the 8 kinds among 12 kinds, in addition JUKE, this service is also can used on more models, such as Tiida (Versa) and other models.
In test, the JUKE Stinger Special Edition can still use newest Nissan diagnostic tool NISSAN CONSULT3 PLUS to diagnosis all the system. It is based on a wireless platform provides completed diagnosis and service information with all Nissan Consult 3 & 2 functions .
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LAUNCH X431 Idiag Auto Diag Scanner For Apple IOS works with Apple device which is in IOS system. Its covers more than 70 brands of cars include US, EU and Asian. The Bluetooth function of X431 Idiag Auto Diag For IOS makes it to be convenience in diagnosing. Function includes Read/Clear DTC, Reading Data Sream and other special functions.

 Please note:
1.X431 Idiag Auto Diag works with IOS 5.0 and higher.
2.This is original LAUNCH X431 Idiag Auto Diag for Apple IOS comes with two basic software Demo and OBDII. You have to go to official website to register and download vehicle diagnostic software.
Functions of LAUNCH X431 Idiag Auto Diag Scanner For Apple IOS:
1. Vehicle full system diagnosing.
2. Reading system version information.
3. Read DTCs & Clear DTCs.
4. Reading data stream.
5. Data stream displayed in curves.
6. Actuation Test.
7. Special function.
8. Instant information and software upgrade reminding.
9. Maintenance community to share technical experience.
10. Maintenance data base contains maintenance data and maintenance case online sharing.
11. Strong data base support and online service supply.
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LAUNCH X431 Idiag Auto Diag Scanner For Android
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