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2015 Tokyo Motor Show: the new Nissan Leaf officially released
— by autoscannertool autoscannertool
2015 Tokyo Motor Show has officially had begun, in this show, Nissan has brought new Leaf models. We learned from the scene, the car's maximum mileage up to 280km. It is reported that the car will be officially listed in overseas markets at December this year.
The new Nissan Leaf's basic design has not changed, the body size is also identical to the old models, the difference is that the new car's roof antenna using the new style.
In the interior part of the new Leaf will adopt the new vehicle system, and equipped with 7-inch center control LCD screen, compared to the previous system, increases the navigation system that can display the charge pile location and status, vehicle maintenance reminders and vehicle positioning functions.
In the power, the new Leaf will equipped with motor that the maximum power of 109 horsepower and peak torque of 354 Nm. In addition, the new car also use 30kWh battery pack, the maximum mileage reached 280km, while the older models maximum mileage only 160km.
In test, the new Leaf will still use Nissan Consult3 to diagnosis all the system. Nissan Consult3 Plus is the newest diagnostic tool for Nissan, it is based on a wireless platform provides completed diagnosis and service information.
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