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MagPro 2 ECU Tunning Tool V4.1
— by autoscannertool autoscannertool
MagPro 2 is a chip tunning system composed of several modules. Serial OBDII programming tool that allows the communication with a vast number of vehicles, allowing the reading and writing through the use of simple connections with simple and fast software.
MAGPRO 2 OBD2 ECU TUNNING TOOL V4.1 , Install password: 12345678
The interfaces supports CAN-bus (ISO 15765-4 & SAE-J2234), K-line (ISO 9141-2 & ISO 14230-4) and FORD SAE J1850PWM) protocols. X17 support also TP2.0 and UDS protocols.
In most cases (euro4 & 5 vehicles) crc correction is automatic.
Thanks to wide range of accessories you can read / write by the OBDII diagnostic connection or by the dock (using the BREAKBOX). For cars with non-diagnostic socket OBDII, you have the specific cables.
MAGPro2 offer injectors coding function for the cars of Renault, Nissan and PSA group (necessary after writing the modified file to ECU).
The sophisticated structure of the MAGPro 2 offers the advanced functions of software (RECOVERY MODE) ensure accuracy of communication with the ECUs.
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