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Volvo S80L sedan tire pressure monitoring system failure
— by autoscannertool autoscannertool
A VOLVO S80L with about Mileage of 6000km. The car at high speed after a period of time, the instrument displays tire pressure monitoring system needs repair.

Fault Diagnosis: This fault is sporadic fault, the vehicle traveling at a low speed, the fault does not appear; after the fault appears, turned off the engine and restarted,  the instrument fault messages will disappear automatically; if not turn off, continue driving about 10 min, the instrument fault messages also will automatically disappear.
Use VOLVO VIDA to diagnosis, fault code stored C 1A60 93- rear wheel tire pressure sensor signal failure in the central electronic module. Measuring each wheel tire pressure, were normal; further checks, found the car did not install any accessories, just give glass posted Solar Films.
Use vida dice diagnosis ID number, tire pressure, tire temperature of each tire pressure sensor, are normal; use the remote control to operate the vehicle, function normally, the receiver works well; remove the receiver to check the part number, is 31,407,101, is latest; measuring receiver power, grounding and LIN signals are normal, and the correlation wire connector no loose, each terminal contact is good; upgrade CEM software and factory test to the tire pressure monitoring system, test passed. Start the engine, in information amusement system to complete set tire pressure (MY CAR → Settings → Vehicle Settings → Tire Pressure settings) then road test, driving about 50 km, the fault does not appear.
After 3 days the fault phenomenon and the fault code as before, that means the last repair does not removed. According to related technologies again to maintenance inspection, measurement and setting, and replace the four tire pressure sensors, re-download the TPMS application software, tore the solar film on the glass. Road test about 150 km, the fault does not appear.
After 2 days fault phenomena and fault code as before. Combined with the last maintenance experience, re-sort maintenance ideas, infer the receiver and the rear wheel tire pressure sensor distance is too far, resulting in receiver receives poor rear wheel tire pressure sensor signal. The car receiver mounted behind on the driver information module (DIM), this car has occurred this failure many times, while the other receiver mounted on the roof of the cars has never been the fault.
Troubleshooting: Extend the receiver wire, take the receiver is transferred to the rear of the roof skylight, reset the tire pressure then test the car, the fault does not appears again.
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