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ICOM ISTA A+B+C Firmware Only
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With the growing maturity of automotive technology, speaking of the initiative to change. We should not unfamiliar, but the principle of their work is clear, here I am for you a rough introduction one or two
Active steering is developed by BMW independent research and development due to the high cost, mainly loaded in the BMW intermediate car, such as the 5 Series 7 series X and GT
The working principle of active steering is battery valve "variable differential motor controlled by ECU, to complete the transmission and planetary gear ratio, thereby changing the steering angle of output, generally speaking is when the vehicle in the steering wheel, from the left to the right end of a total of 2 times in the direction (to reduce the driver's actions. Rotate the tires, and thus a more efficient operation of mobile vehicle location easier)
When the vehicle is running, the vehicle speed rises, the steering wheel from left to right, the total number of about 4 laps (the purpose is to adjust the angle of the tire more subtle angle, in order to complete a slight movement)

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